Need to use same table in subquery as in insert query

you are mixing ANDs and ORs – use parentheses to ensure you get the right combinations

hi i have the categories table like this

cat_id, cat_name, parent_id

root category is having ‘0’ parent_id

and categories will comes under their parent ids.

I have to present the the whole categories in front end in <ul> list

i think you got my problem…

pls give me help.

see Categories and Subcategories

and please, if you have a new question, please start a new thread, don’t just keep adding on new questions to CommanderZ’s thread

iam sorry for that, actually i tried to create new thread once, iam unable to get that, thats y iam doing here

how to post new thread, kindly send me link. iam very sorry for asking this silly question.

  1. decide which forum the new thread belongs in

  2. go to that forum, e.g. mysql forum is

  3. click on the new thread button

thank u