Need ideas

Looks like .se is out of the question.

.se requires Swedish personal identification number. I’ll think all day about a new domain. Thanks for your help mawburn I’ll keep you updated.

The .io tld seems a bit expensive ( the company I use want $93 for ); but there are a lot more choices now as there are a load of new tld’s released.

Even with all the tld’s there are now people are still cyber squatting; I would think a lot must have spent nearly as much now on renewing the domain name as they are trying to sell it for :stuck_out_tongue:

Cyber squatting annoys me because I am in the same boat as you; all the ideas I come up with are taken and I will probably have some strange name but it may be memorable. Who in their right mind would buy a domain name for $700 when there are so many other options.
I suppose when the web started people had their company names and needed the domain name to go with it; but now people can make up a company name after they have found the domain name. So cyber squatting has less of an impact.

A couple of ides from a tld search: LOL

Thanks for the help! Went to and they offer a lot of variations based on what you enter.

How do you all feel about this? Insinuates that I sell coding services, and also will have coding articles like CSS (and I can branch out.)

Apologies for the double post. Also Thoughts on that.

My username is part my name and what I do.

s wheel = my name.
design = I design and code web pages.

You could try:


That sort of thing.

edit: looks like cleancoding is taken, dunno about the above.

Come up with this so far. Appreciate the ideas.

It’s also kind of evil. Check this out:

Yes, it’s a display of pure greed and nastiness. It’s a pity it’s allowed. is available and it rhymes.

It’s a bit awkward if you ask me. ReeceDesign is better.

However, I still think you should be more creative. Think ahead—if this grows into a company with employees (it might, you know) it would be preferably not to have something so personal. Look at a company like Adobe: it’s named after the little river behind the house where they started the company in a garage (if I remember right). Or “Google”. It’s a word now.

Reece isn’t even my last name though!

I was t hinking actually to go with this (I even used a portmanteaur to help generate more ideas)
Edit-(!?!?) Thoughts?

I don’t want to go over two words, so anything with Reese is basically out since I would want the 2nd word to help describe what I’m doing. And all that I like are taken.

Thoughts? CleanCoding is only open for bidding. I got fooled.

I really do want to apologize for all the extra posting. A moderator can close this thread though if they deem fit. I ended up on

Searched through nearly 200 words trying all sorts of different combinations. I’m happy with what I got. Time to start the coding!

Congratulations Ryan! Thread closed