Need Help on Jquery Accordion

I have tested them multiple times by clicking on the links from view source. As of now, there are no more broken links. They are the same path as the straight html page but with a different result. The css jquery menu works while the accordion form does not work on this php includes site (header, footer, body, nav, )
On a different site the same code, but all straight html works with the jquery menu and accordion menu together.
This new site with PHP include files with jquery in 2 areas is only working on the menu.

Perhaps pm me both links so I can compare.

I found the issue. We are kind of trained to look at problems at the top of the code. It was 2 javascripts at the bottom, totally unnecessary

<!-- Included JS Files (Compressed) -->
  <script src="../../javascripts/foundation.min.js"></script>

  <!-- Initialize JS Plugins -->
  <script src="../../javascripts/app.js"></script>

This solved another responsive menu too

Glad you sorted it. It feels good to find the problem yourself. :slight_smile:

you bet. That’s exactly what I thought. 2 out of 3 is not bad for me. With all the scripts I have to remember to look at the footer area.