Navigate focus by setting tabindexes

This worked good.
What if word was wrong and you got an “x”, how would you backspace to correct spelling?

You could monitor for the backspace key and other editing keys (such as arrows, or delete) and take appropriate action there.

I recently did quite a long series on doing just that with moving around crossword cells, that you might find instructive.


You mean add an event listener?

It’s not just an event listener. If you went to look at that article I posted, you’ll find that navigating from one cell to another and using JavaScript to control things like backspace and delete is very complex , much more complex than I think you would want to do yourself.

Ok you’re right

Is there any way to combine the code(js fiddle) in post13 with the Improving CSS Crossword and still work? I have been trying to combine these to achieve an added feature to the xword.

Possibly with an awfully large amount of work. I am not willing to work that hard, but the needed resources are available for anyone to help with.


Did you post to another thread?

No, I won’t be doing it. Someone else that comes along can help with that.


Can you have 2 classes in html, auto-focus and small input?


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Why doesn’t this work? to autofocus to next input

The class clue-box is a stylized box done with CSS

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