MYSQL CASE flow control statement

I’m trying to query a database of student stem projects that are to receive a gold, silver, bronze or participation award. The db results have to be real-time, fast and accurate. The db is sorted by project, rating and judge, rating. There are two-judge ratings per student project. For example, if a project gets a ‘G’ and ‘B’ then the students will receive an ‘S’. The table is first sorted by rating G,S,B,P to see how the projects are being rated and check the data. Then the table is sorted by judge and project to get the combined score for each project and a final rating. Each student receives an award at the end of the expo. It is a lot of fun for the kids but stressful trying to figure out the project rating. the query is to show the result at the end of the expo. It is a query of final results that is the problem for me. The CASE flow control query is to sort all the results and show the final project results. Hope this helps.