London 2012 Olympics

as a rule i like all the events that have connection with water, swimming for examole.

Wow. (Of course, I should have deduced the sport from your earlier comment about the coverage.) So there are veterans/masters tournaments in fencing, too? There are a lot now for athletics in almost every discipline, but Running Bear is greatly exercised (pun intended ;)) by the lack of distance events. It takes him a half marathon to get properly warmed up. :lol:

Wow! Great response to this thread! I knew something was going wrong in here…You guys and girls just needed bringing out of your shells again, eh :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally thought the Opening Ceremony was fantastic! I cried a little at the Mr.Bean appearance, and the Queen with James Bond was funny too, but the highlight of my night had to be seeing Tim Berners-Lee sitting at the desk with the NeXT computer and live tweeting “This is for everyone”. What a beautiful moment.

Although the first 20 minutes of the opening ceremony was a bit confusing for me…I didn’t have a clue what was going on but then I realised it was the Industrial Revolution, and the rings were fantastic! So was the music! I’ll have to get that from iTunes right now actually, if it isn’t available on Spotify!

It was great that Bradley Wiggins won Gold though! :smiley:

I thought the Industrial Revolution and all the other historic themes were the best part of the ceremony. The first few minutes, before the countdown, I thought, hmm… just a bunch of cows roaming around, can’t get very exciting… How wrong I was! :smiley:

Eh, and I forgot to mention athletics! Of course that’s the most exciting part for me, too. Can’t wait for them to begin. :slight_smile:

Some of the sports here seem to be very shabbily run. The Chinese kiddie in the weightlifting just broke the WR with his 2nd lift and was waiting for the other Chinese guy to go, who decided to not do his 3rd lift and that meant instead of getting two minutes rest, the Chinese guy’s time started again at one minute and no-one told him.

They get out to the do another WR and his time ran out. You would think that if someone decides not to lift that you should tell the next guy that he is up. How is he supposed to know? Telepathy?

So many other controversies have been around these games and most of them have come from officials making mistakes. It’s not really good enough.


She was interviewed recently by “Woman’s Hour” (radio programme), which Running Bear listens to while repairing bicycles. Apparently, the worst aspect of being Queen is needing a bladder like an ox, to sit through lengthy ceremonies. Maybe she was trying to work out if she could sneak out to powder her nose. :wink: The poor woman is 86, after all.

+1 :slight_smile:

+1 :slight_smile:

You should be OK with the beach volleyball, then. It’s been going on way past 11pm our time. Beats me why they transported all that sand to London, though. They could have held the competition here - we have plenty of sandy beaches, including one seven miles long. Mind you, they’d have needed a good stock of balls; one good gust of wind (hardly a rarity in these parts) and it’s next stop Newfoundland. :lol:

Good to see Bradley Wiggins get his gold - he’s such a nice guy.

And we still have the Paralympics to come when this is all over. I’m really looking forward to the wheelchair rugby.[/FONT]

well, I have been watching the Olympics since it first day but honestly I just watched my nation’s games! Fortunately My nation managed to secure a bronze medal in rifle shots! :slight_smile:

I loved the opening ceremony! wonder if the queen really jumped out of that helicopter, I doubt it though!

haven’t had a chance to watch alot of the events I wanted too yet but have sky+ it for later!
Did get to see the mens high dive …poor Tom! but those mexians where amazing.:rofl:

Yes, although she seemed sour from the beginning. Maybe they didn’t let her go to the bathroom before walking out to be adulated?

You should be OK with the beach volleyball, then. It’s been going on way past 11pm our time.

Except that our hopeless TV coverage prolly wouldn’t cover it anyway. I’m too stingy to get pay TV, and I think the free to air guys purposely do a terrible coverage just to force us to pay up. They always do good business around this time of olympiad, I hear.

Queen Elizabeth II had a male stunt double for obvious reasons. Anyway the queen is supposed to look unruffled. I am sure she gets stalled with all those hectic public events on a daily basis anyway not a job I’d like… Yes, hopefully they’ll give more coverage to the Paralympics than has happened in the past because they have been seriously let down in previous years by the media. :slight_smile:

[FONT=Verdana]We only have Freeview. We watch so little TV it isn’t worth paying for more channels. Of course, we get fewer channels out here than on the mainland. We weren’t bothered by that until we were visiting and discovered a channel with lots of reruns of old cop shows and daft 70s adventure series, which we’d really like to get. :frowning: Maybe we’ll get lucky when Northern Ireland goes digital; we already get our digital radio from there, so we might pick up a few extra TV channels. Who knows?

Hopefully we’ll get good coverage of the athletics. The Paralympics will be covered by a different broadcaster, but so far things look hopeful there. :slight_smile:

We are sooo jealous that the BBC (I think it was them—or maybe some other UK provider) is broadcasting/providing full video footage of every event online. We are blocked from it, though. It’s a reminder that, for all the fun of the Olympics, it’s primarily a money making operation.

It’s the BBC broadcasting it here in the UK, 24 standard definition channels and 24 HD channels (apparently most of that has also been in 3D) showing all the events. Some events finish around midnight. @TechnoBear; where I live we can only get the public service freeview channels as we get ours through a relay station.

Congratulation Saina for winning bronze medal for india, go india go.

I’m totally happy that Serena Williams won the Gold medal. YAY! She has almost the exact playing style that I had during my professional Tennis years, only that I was faster. :smiley:

I can’t wait for the final tomorrow between Andy Murray and Roger Federer. I really like both, but Murray has the edge because his unconventional playing style is much more appealing to me. Besides, I’m a fan of Scotland, so yes, go and get Gold, Andy!

I hope Murry wins the tennis, Federer had a harder match in the semis, don’t know how long that final set went on for but it must have been a while.

When the UK music chart gets published on Sunday I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chariots of Fire make as re-entry.

I love Olympics very much. I have never seen it at stadium but i always try to watch it in TV. My favorite sport is Football but i also like tennis.
I watch all events except for women’s football.

Wow - the athletics were terrific last night, especially from a British perspective. Three gold medals in track and field. And I was really pleased to see Galen Rupp take the silver in the 10,000m. He and Mo Farrer are such good friends, I think the double made it even more special for them, and it just didn’t matter that they were running for different teams. Now that’s the Olympic spirit. :slight_smile:

Maleika, you were faster on your feet I assume? I suspect you’ll be completely transfixed to the TV this afternoon; incapable of moving or doing any work; you’ll have it all planned out for maximum enjoyment with a “Do not disturb, watching Tennis” sign on the house door no-doubt. :slight_smile:

Clay pigeon shooting was great viewing. and as for last night 4th august brilliant!!!