List of software for webdevelopment stages

What does this Firebug refer to? What does it do and how much space does it require?

Firebug is a Firefox extension that allows one to edit CSS, run Javascript and some other things from within Firefox. Great tool for debugging CSS and JavaScript.

What about dotproject in project management.

Its web based project management tool.

And it can be customized coz its open source

have you tried Enterprise Architect

to me it is a good SE tool

Hey thanks for the advice - I’d also recommend Axure.





I would also recommend WinSCP. It’s a FTP, SFTP and SCP client. Very stable and reliable (resumes transfers after disconnects etc). has a [URL=“”]portable version, too. The program is freeware.

I’d like to add more stuff…

Bug Tracking:
Parature (SaaS)

Test Management:
Quality Center

Deki Wiki

am learning coral draw and flash these days.very excited in learning these…and now that I have this list…I think I would try some more.firstly dreamweaver.thanks

Thank You! This list was very helpful for me!

Nobody has mentioned XAMMP ?

WinA&D is a proven tool for requirements management, system and software design. It also has a code generator for PHP which may be helpful for web development projects.

Visit the Excel Software web site and see the Videos page for demonstration videos.

…most notably, PDT (PHP Development Tools) and [URL=“”]Aptana :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say that I recently switched to NetBeans IDE. It’s way better than Eclipse in speed, stability, and PHP syntax support.

I agreed with “thrwat1000” dotproject would be nice in project management. I have couple of experience like this. Why don’t you use it? :slight_smile:

Core FTP is easy to dandle me i use it fir site uploading .

i am using Dreamweaver . but it is not free :frowning: have there is any free code editor like as Dreamweaver ?

Thanks.nice list.but next time please add roboform…

Aptana studio is good for code

For testing, Forecheck for in-depth content and URL analysis, Xenu for URLs as well on a much smaller scale. Forecheck and Xenu can be used for sites offline as well as online of course.
If you are doing testing for sites already online, the tools mentioned along with SEOMetrics, Moz, and Ahrefs (for backlinks) are extremely useful as well. At any rate, you should definitely use link analysis tools during the later stages of development before publishing a site. All the tools I mentioned have free versions available.