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[ot]kohoutek: “I am aware of its history. (ref. post above) I don’t think I’ll find the term “Verboten” in an English dictionary or the term “Forbidden” in a German dictionary. That was my point rather than the fact that these languages share the same roots.”

Yes, sorry Maleika, I knew you knew that, even if you hadn’t said it. I just thought it was worth making it more explicit. Maybe it’s just because I did a little German at high school that I notice it running all through English. That is good / das ist gut / dat is goed …

Also, we have a lot of appliances here that read “Achtung!”…“Verboten!” usw, so we do have German words around us, even if they’re not in the dictionary.

EDIT: heh heh, just checked my little desktop English dictionary and found “verboten: adj. forbidden” :goof: