Is this business model viable?


We have worked with the car part industry in the past, and they all received the parts information, images, etc. from the companies they ordered from.

It has been the same for other industries as well, the information about the products they can sell is provided by the companies they order from.

Looking at this from the perspective of using your data, the big problem I see is, where can I order the part from? I.e., if I populate my store with your car parts data, where can I get the part if a customer orders it?


Taking the car parts example i could perhaps see it being useful in certain situations. If you wanted an oil filter for example there are many different manufacturers so if the data was there to cross reference all oils filter for a zetec engine and get the part numbers for Fram, Quinton Hazel, Mann etc that could be useful to a user as they can then go and search for websites that sell each of those filters. Especially useful for older car parts as you might not be able to get a certain part from a manufacturer anymore but need to find an alternative.

If you are a seller you might want to list all of the other part numbers so if people search for one of those they would also find your product. If you don't sell Fram filters you might not have their part numbers so you would be missing out perhaps.

But i get your point just trying to think of a good use of this data.


Sure, I would be interested in taking a look at all your api offerings.


So most of the time our customer is already a part distributor or store owner, just like our customers of our books database who already have a book store or book exchange website or second hand textbooks app.


Maybe offering download instead of API?

For the past weeks, we are being asked about how to download a data set as a whole. API isn't for anyone I guess.

I'm thinking of switching the business model to immediate data download per payment from API memberships?


i think this business midel looks good. I think you need to check up correct crm platform for your marketing. C RM is application software for organizations designed to automate strategies of interaction with customers in particular, to increase the level of sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service by saving customer information and history of relationships with them, establish and improve business processes and subsequent analysis of the results.


Thanks for the insights but what kind of data do they need in CRM? Not sure what you are talking about. Data to get more potential customers?

You mean connection between CRM and our data APIs to seamlessly exchange data?


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