Is Jeff Atwood really a visionary?

Not sure what I think of this:

Further evidence that StackExchange is highly political in its moderation:

Nor I, as I don’t really know the context, nor indeed the date of that post.

Or, at least, that it was three years ago - that post dates from April 2011.

By all means discuss Discourse, and whether it is a visionary product, but please let’s leave anything which could be construed as a personal attack out of this. Digging up issues which occurred on other sites several years ago is not helpful to anybody, and isn’t in the spirit of forum discussions here.

I get why this is now a touchy topic, especially given the recent announcement of sitepoint’s partnership, and the political censorship that must now inevitably follow. Ok, granted I should have checked the dates of the posts. Sometime’s dates/time’s don’t always show up on my mobile browser.

Ok, I’m done with this thread. Feel free to lock it.

It’s not political censorship in any sense. As I’ve already said, I have serious reservations about Discourse and, like the rest of the staff here, I’m happy for you and anybody else to discuss the software. However, we don’t allow personal attacks on anybody in these forums and my comments above are based solely on that principle, and not on any in-house politics.

I started this thread before I knew anything about the pending partnership Sitepoint was forming with Jeff Atwood. However the title of this thread will inevitably lead to the kind of discussion you no longer feel comfortable promoting. We already have a number of threads discussing Discourse and I know how to create a new one if I need to. I will add further comments to one of those.

Feel free to close this thread.

We’ve got this covered thanks. :slight_smile:

Our Discourse partnership has no bearing on this thread. How you feel about Jeff Atwood is 100% your business and we are not in the business of censorship. You are free to say what you like PROVIDED it isn’t personally insulting or misleading.

Please remember that this is a forum for discussing web development and no one likes to be constantly confronted by personal rants, which is kinda what this has become. :slight_smile:

I understand the feeling. It is not the first time that I’m searching for bits of information and I read a whole article to find that it is old news :lol:

But it is true that attitudes and visions change with time so what happened in 2011 may or may not be relevant so it is better to concentrate on the now :slight_smile:

Anyway, if StackOverflow is political in its moderation or not is something that it is not important to us. We may be moving to Discourse (with all that implies) but the moderation team is the same and we will share the same spirit that we share now. We change platform, not style :slight_smile: