Image overlay over html5 video

Hi Coothead, I trust you are well today. I’ve been away a little. Well it works pretty well both on firefox and chrome. Thank you very much.

Ok let me check it out

I think that you will find post #20 to be more interesting. :winky:


:rofl: You are amazing Coothead… it’s like I dream of something and you turn the dream into reality. I am over the moon. Thank you so much. Do you code for a living Sir?

No, I breathe for a living. :rofl:

I am, for my sins, actually an extremely old retired postman. :taped:


You’ve got some serious coding skill that should be recognized Sir

The coding is very basic. :winky:

Problem solving, though, is a wee bit trickier. :biggrin:


Well I think you are pretty good on solving problems.

Any possibility that the image and the iframe could slide in smoother… either from top or from sides(if sides then image can slide in from left and if image is clicked then iframe can slide in from right)?

Hi there thebe,

If you have download the files, then use this amended CSS file…

screen.css (1.1 KB)

You can also test the effect by clicking the link in post #20


Its working super awesome. Thank you Coothead.

Kindly note that all these request are actually building blocks of a project that I will be launching soon and I hope you wouldn’t mind if we work together for a fee when the project goes live.

you are going to be surprised on what your code is actually building by the time I disclose it to you.

Now this one I’ve seen it somewhere but can’t recall where. So I’m wondering if that technic would be possible in this code:

So let’s say when the video player is in view mode it plays fine but as soon as it gets out of view mode it pauses and when you return to view mode it automatically resume.

By view mode I mean when the player is in viewable position and non viewing mode would be like let’s say the video is embedded in a blog so as soon as user scrolls down the blog to view other content then the video pauses, when he/she scroll up then the video resume just as soon as it appear on the screen.

The last method of non viewing mode is when user clicks on another browser tab while the video is still playing then it automatically pauses and when he/she return to the video tap then it resumes again… what do you think?

Big problem. :eek: :rofl:


:rofl: yeah that sound too complex i thought also… ill try to search for the side where I saw that and maybe we can check their code…

what do you think about this:

I’ts science fiction for me…

Done. :winky:

Done. :winky:

check the links in post #20 to see the amendments in action
and also get all the amended files in the zip file.


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Awesome, let me check

Mr Coothead, is there anything you cannot do when it comes to coding? you seem to amaze me all the time. With that skill, we need to get to the commercial side of things very soon. Thank you Sir.

As an O.A.P. on the wrong side of seventy, I certainly have no
intention, whatsoever, of involving myself in anything commercial. :unhappy:

I solve problems today, but tomorrow I may well be brown bread. :rofl:



Strong minds don’t go down that easily, with your skill, it shows you are one of the smart brains. You might be surprised how long you can live :rofl:

I tend to be a pragmatist when it comes to personal life expectancy. :winky:

The law of averages actually suggests sooner rather than later. :rolleyes:



Life expectancy by UK health areas

You may get my attention today, but tomorrow…
…well I rarely ever think about tomorrow. :unhappy: