How to insert excel file in hindi font to mysql using php


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sorry but your file is showing this type of charecter
[0] => मोहम्मद
[1] => जॉन
[2] => लोहार
[3] => 2017/11/26

You need to open the file in an editor that support UTF-8 to view it correctly.

If it is not opened as UTF-8 it will show garbage/gibberish text.

As others have mentioned earlier in the thread, your issues are most probably caused by the charset used.

Please verify that you use the correct charset in:

  1. Database Connection
  2. When parsing the file
  3. When modifying the content of the file
  4. In the header response for the page showing the html output
  5. In the meta header of the page showing the html output

With 2 and 3, basically that you use php string etc. functionality that can work with multibyte languages.

If all of these are correctly set to UTF-8 or a local charset that is normal in your country, the data should show correctly.


Thank you so much, John my file is Imported In Hindi font,

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