Help with this code problem please

Good job :). Makes sense though, if the page doesn’t have the Javascript to cause the popup, then it won’t :).

Hi Paul,

I am hoping you can help me with this,

Photos are not uploading in the Sell section

Is it a Host problem or a website problem?

Is there some way to finding out?

your help always appreciated

Ray :slight_smile:

Yes there is. You can investigate on the server-side what is happening with that.
It’s possible that the PHP forum forum can help with that, and the [url=“”]Server configuration forum can also help in terms of finding out logging info on the server that can help to track down the issue.

Thank you Paul :slight_smile:

your help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello Paul,

this is in regards to my photos not uploading

On my Wanted Ads page, I select a file in “Browse” to upload, Clicked upload, then left clicked on “Browse” to show using Inspect Element with Firebug.

this is what I see:

<tr class=“c1”>
<input id=“nb_uploads_1” type=“hidden” value=“0” name=“nb_uploads_1”>
<td align=“right” nowrap=“”>Upload File</td>
<div id=“div_file_1”>
<input id=“item_file_upload_1” type=“file” onchange=“upload_media_async(ad_create_form, 1, this.form.item_file_upload_1, document.getElementById(‘item_file_url_1’).value, document.getElementById(‘item_file_embed_1’).value, document.getElementById(‘nb_uploads_1’).value, 4, ‘W_39’);” style=“width: 250px;” name=“item_file_upload_1”>

I can not see any mention of the selected file: C:\Documents and Settings\XP Vienna\Desktop\Ray scans\1a.jpg

so I reloaded the Wanted Ads page and this time pasted the URL into the upload area, (C:\Documents and Settings\XP Vienna\Desktop\Ray scans\1a.jpg)

Clicked upload, went to Firebug, the same as above.

should I be seeing the C:\Documents and Settings\XP Vienna\Desktop\Ray scans\1a.jpg in the Firebug script?

all help appreciated :slight_smile:

That is showing you want comes from the server.

If you want to check that the image gets uploaded to the server, you can use the Net tab, and in there will be a POST or GET from the form being submitted. Its status will tell you if it was successfully received by the server.

If it’s a POST, when you open that up there will be four tabs - Header, Post, Response, and HTML

The above example here is from uploading an image to

The Post tab will contain the encoded image that was submitted to the server.

That’s how you can confirm that the image is actually being sent from the client to the server. From there, things depend on the server to do its job correctly.

Hi Paul, thank you for your quick reply, ok good I am learning more about Firebug,

could you please Log In to my site, go to the Wanted Ads page and see what you can discover about Images uploads

your help greatly appreciated

Ray :slight_smile:

With an image upload, the transfer seems to be successful.

Here is the data that I see from Google Chrome

DNS Lookup - 1ms
Connecting - 26ms
Sending    - 168ms
Waiting    - 1.18s
Receiving  - 2ms

So the image was transferred to the server, and the server responsed without issue.

That’s about all the help I can give you from the client side of things.

Hi Paul,

ok, So the image was transferred to the server, and the server responded without issue.

I looked on my hosting server in the uplimg folder ( I presume that were uploaded images should be) and it has many many site_pin_93ad3c7140aaa43bf05b4223144ff5c4.jpg

yet no image that I uploaded, can we see/find where the uploads are going? route?


I cannot help with the server side of things. Good luck.

Hi Paul,

where can we see the path/route in my site scipts/HTML where images are being sent?

to see what folders are being sent/uploaded to?


When the client submits the image to the server-side script, it gets stored temporarily on the server. The server-side script would then uses a command like move_uploaded_file() to move it from temporary storage to a more permanent location.

This is the JavaScript forum, which deals with the client-side scripting language, so most of our knowledge here is about the client.
The people in the php forum have far better knowledge on how the server-side handles file uploads, because PHP is the scripting language that runs on the server-side.

Hi Paul,

ok I understand, thank you for your support :slight_smile:

happy day :slight_smile:

Hi Paul

using Firefox, I Save Page As/ Webpage complete, on my Sell page.

now I have a sell_item.php.htm file

yet it differs from my sell_item.php file ?

how do these relate/interact

your help appreciated

Ray :slight_smile:

PHP runs its code on the server. The output from what it runs is sent to the client. What you saved is that output that is sent to the client.