Give all options a class

I am trying to go through your code to create a dynamic select without using ddslick which somehow makes the select element not submit to the next page, so I found an alternartive which doesn’;t effect the markup.
So im trying to create a a function to loop through each option to make them dissapear (give them a class)
Then, l,ater I can remove that class depending on which option is selllected like you had here

But first things first, so Im trying to make all the options dissapear from

 <select name="alignment" id="alignment" class="form-control" required>
							  <option value="" disabled>Select Width</option>
							  <option value="" disabled>100% Options</option>
							  <option value="0">None</option>
							  <option value="" disabled>50% Options</option>
							  <option value="1">Left</option>
							  <option value="2">Right</option>
							  <option value="" disabled>33% Options</option>
							  <option value="3">Left</option>
							  <option value="4">Center</option>
							  <option value="5">>Right</option>
							  <option value="" disabled>25% Options</option>
							  <option value="6">Left</option>
							  <option value="7">Center-Left</option>
							  <option value="8">>Center-Right</option>
							  <option value="9">Right</option>

How do I make the foreach skip the {0} index

    function hideOptions(select) {
        var options = d.getElementById("alignment").options;
        options.forEach(function (option) {