Free Stock Photography Websites

Great thread, very helpful - Thanks for putting in the time to do this post iTec.

Yeah, iStockphoto is cool. When you participate in a iStock Steel Cage PS battle there, the admins judge the battle, and if you win, you get 10 download credits as a reward!! It’s pretty cool. Gives you a real reason to play.
However, I have to warn you, the admins are very very biased, and they don’t know design from a frog’s dinner.

Great links iTech. I am trying to set up this domain but i don’t know when i will launch it, i have the layout ready and many of the links. I will also be taking my digicam with me hopefully i can take great pics for all to download…To bad (cries) my laptop got stolen in hawaii last month, i took about a thousand pics and those were supposed to go with the new site i am building…oh well, my fault for leaving that sucker in to be stolen.

Btw, thanks for the links.

Some real gems at

$10.00 per image, royalty free… even special requests.

It’s awesome, just awesome. And free.


If something happened to our race, don’t you think it’d be equally likely the internet servers wouldn’t be around either? :stuck_out_tongue:

Some Commercial, Some Free, Some with Athor’s Permission.

Here are a few others I recently ran across: (No, they aren’t those kind of pictures, it’s just a name)

I don’t think i’m duplicating any previous mentions, but if so, sorry!

Thanks for the great links they .


here are a few more…

Be sure to read the licensing agreements of these services. Royalty-free does NOT mean you can use them for everything.

Check this one out. Best site EVAR !!!

All free and very good quality. Site contains user posted images, so subjects of these thousands of pix may not always be to your liking. You will need to register, but I have not received any spam and it is TOTALLY worth it. I use it every day.

:mad: I just joined and I didn’t get 4 free photos!!!

They might have changed their policies. Did you try contacting them?

GREAT LINK! That’s exactly what I just came in this forum for, to see if I could find some free images based on ocean wildlife and seascapes. Not only that, but this is the first site that I’ve seen that offered many images in that area, but they were pretty good quality too :smiley:

For your information has lunched a new price option.

totally FREE photos :smiley:

Why’s this been un-stuck? I’m sure it was stickied before… it’s certainly worthy of being stickied anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I got another one: