Formatting code in forum posts

That reply was quick.
Shift this post, but could you help with another issue plz.

Not sure what you edited in a post of mine the other day (Java…java…), but when I was trying to add parts of the script it created all sorts of problems. I thought it was just ``` before and after the script. The only way I could find that worked was (4) ‘’‘’ at the beginning then (3) at the end.

What am I doing wrong ?

There are several ways you can format code here. You can highlight your code, then use the </> button in the editor window, or you can place three backticks ``` (top left key on US/UK keyboards) on a line above your code, and three on a line below your code. I find this approach easier, but unfortunately some European and other keyboards don’t have that character.

For inline code, a single backtick before and after does the trick.

There’s a thread here (linked from the FAQs, if you need to find it again in future) which might be useful to you:

Forum Posting Basics

Thank you very much. I was putting 3 backticks on single line code and I thing that was causing the problem

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