Form Fieldsets Side by Side - Use Divs, Tables, or ...?


I don’t have a color for the form in my sheet ? :eek:

colors i like them to :lol:

:smiley: Well, I guess I just wanted to drive as many people crazy today as I am! I am SO sorry! Now I remember that yesterday I was playing around with trying to have different colors of textfields and never really got what I was after. (I’m telling you, I’m really dangerous right now with this stuff – as you well can see!) Boy, I am really embarrassed. I have several copies of the contact form and styles right now. I’ll clean those out, produce new files and post them so you can see how right you no doubt are!

    Again, my apologies, gentlemen. But I doubt this will be my last faux pas before I have this site done! :)

Well, the form looks right now, guys! Validates perfectly – plus, it still works! I better leave it alone now and move to a new page very quickly!


I guess I’m just so creative that I can create huge problems out of the smallest thing! Thanks for hanging in there with me! I appreciate your endurance! :slight_smile: