Form data into MySQL table

interesting Guido…that produces:
Array ( [fname] => Site [surname] => Point [address] => Forums)

which is obviously what i entered but the values remain to be “,”," when echoing the $sql query.

Yes, because you’d have to use $_GET instead of $_POST in the script.

But the interesting thing is it all works, but for some reason the $_POST array is always empty. Maybe some server setting? But I don’t know anything about that.

I was thinking its a server setting but a friend assures me it isnt…close to giving up!
Thanks for all your time and effort.

Me thinks your friend is wrong.

close to giving up!
Put it on hold for a moment. Who knows if some of our gurus here can’t come up with the answer?

Certainly have my fingers crossed!

Edit - unbelievable! the cms i was testing out added a base href that was causing it to not work!!
Thank you guys again for your time and effort.