Exporting to Excel creating error


Ye I'm glad you said that as just before I left that's what I did, and although I didnt get an error, something unexpected happened where it seems to have turned into a condition.

I didnt have time to thoroughly look at it, but the results in the Excle file where far less than it should have been, so when I mean a condition, I'm thinking that the only results that show are the ones where those 2 conditions are met, if there no value as in the field is empty it discards it from the excel file, only showing the ones that have a value in them so the 2 values can match up, there no match up if one of the fields are empty.

If it is its very annoying, but I think apart from that what you just said and what I did last are right ways, I suppose I'll have to take a look again in the morning.


I think an inner join will only return the rows where the two match - that is, if the country code in the intranet table might not exist in the country table, then you won't get either. I think a LEFT JOIN will sort it.


Thank you droopsnoot, that nailed it and it works perfectly.



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