Do you earn money online?

Just started internet carier. google banned my 10000 visitor per day blog . Manage to get it back with in 6 month by mobile forum.

To answer the question, “Do you earn money online?” Yes. :wink:

Not eanrt a huge amount but recently earnings are starting to climb slightly. Some days it’s pretty good, others not so good.

Hey ChrisKSDF,

Would you be willing to share what websites you are now operating? (you don’t have a sig with them)

Also, when you say worse recession are you talking 2009? That was the worst year I’ve seen since 2004 for ad rates/fills and all that fun stuff.

Since you were around during the 1999 era, did you ever achieve those lovely $400 eCPM’s that originally hit the net for banner ads?

Man, I wish I was around for that with the traffic I have now.


just begin, and last month i have make about $30. I want to get more form google adsense, but still no a account.

Dude. It’s hard to make money online. While I do it and a lot of people on SitePoint do it, we represent a vocal MINORITY.

If you have no idea on how to make money online, you likely have no shot (sorry). Research stuff. Maybe warm up by starting a blog with a WordPress template.

A lot of lessons can be learned there over the course of 18 months.

When I started I bought a PHP book and went from there. Now I’m pretty damn good with PHP, save for hold ups that I post to SitePoint :slight_smile:

Many will tell you it’s just easier to get a job.

But, when you finally start making money (after years work), it’s awesome.


I have only internet income, no work at all!!!

No alot of money, most our income comes from donation

I’ve only done content sites, and I’ve made lots of money in so many months and I’ve lost lots of money in so many months.

I’d like to think that 2009 will go down as the worst year in history for online ad fills/rates; because that year I lost money.

2010 has so far been great, and some investments are looking to pay off.

I’ve been running websites 24/7 (no other job) since about 2005, and that’s when I quit serving tables to keep that steady tip income.

But, I’ve been close to bankruptcy a few times. While the internet can make money, it can also burn you pretty quick. You have to constantly be on the ball. In short, running a full-time website is no easy job; forget vacations.



I earn money online with my blog.

Not a lot, since it’s still quite new. About $20 per month

I’ve been doing this for 12 years, and on July 1 will finally “retire” from the corporate world and devote myself to my web businesses full-time. I turn 30 on July 4, and I can’t think of a better birthday present.

My journey started with a single website run out of a college dorm (initially served off a spare PC running Apache until the school’s IT department put a stop to that), and has spanned the dotcom boom, the dotcom bust, and the worst recession since the 1930s.

Today I own and operate 7 websites totaling approximately 300,000 uniques/daily and 150,000 registered users (with revenue generated by CPM, CPC, and paid subscriptions) along with 2 e-commerce stores processing around 400 orders/shipments monthly. Not huge numbers by any stretch, but enough to make fairly serious money while not so much that I, along with a few part time helpers (read: girlfriend and best bud), can’t handle it ourselves.

My overhead is really low, which is so key to being successful. Our only expenses are servers (private rack with 8 boxes), domain registration/renewal, and a couple of SSL certificates. I’m located about 10 minutes from the distributor for our e-commerce products, so I don’t have to carry inventory, which is a HUGE help. I accept orders until 4pm eastern, then drive and pick up what I need for the day’s shipments on the way home from work. If we had to maintain inventory (over 1200 SKUs), I doubt the e-commerce thing would really even be worth the time that goes into it.

So, all that said, after “retirement” I’ll be bringing home an average of around $18,000 a month. I hope to use the extra time and motivation I’ll have to replace the salary I lost by leaving work within a year.

12 years and an unimaginable amount of work and sacrifice later, I can honestly say that it was worth every bit. Not many people get to wake up every day to work for themselves.

I’m just starting to earn money with affiliate sales through Commission Junction this week. It’s only a few dollars a day right now, but it’s growing.

I’m interested in it. But anyone can tell me how can i make money online?
I’m new here. It seems there’s a lot to learn:lol:

yes i do.but most online jobs are scams

Have tried most everything but whats working at the moment is content locking from leadbolt.

Its strange how internet marketing goes in waves. After rebills everything took a hit but the locking has really blown me away at how effective it is.

yes, quite a lot in the last two years.

you have your own site?

I’ve never won a comperition or prize online. But I make some money, about around $200 a month from my personal websites.

Still long long way to go to earn big!

I’ve been at is full time for about six months, and I am figuring that in another six months I’ll be making a decent living.