Dealing/preventing burnout?

Thanks champ.

Because I have no idea how to edit a post on this, I thought I’d expand.

I use Trello everyday and love it. It helps me keep track of all my tasks and when to get them done by.

With Toggl - is this solely just for time management on projects? Do you always have to click start / stop? Edit: I guess that’s the point of a toggle haha…

I’ve been searching for a goal setting tool, like Lifetick - this looks interesting, I’m thinking of paying for it and using it.

To control how long I take to do a task I use TimeCamp (free version). It logs automatically everything I do when I’m at the computer and I don’t have to click start/stop

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Off Topic:

You have a 30-minute window in which to do that. During that time, you’ll see a pencil icon among the icons at the bottom right of your post, next to the red “Reply” button. Click the pencil, and the edit window will open. If there’s no pencil visible, then it’s past the 30-minute limit.

@AirFor - Oops I should have gotten to this sooner. The tools I couldn’t live without are:

Toggl1 - Time management
Trello1 - Project management
Todoist1 - Task management (more for personal stuff)

+1 for Todoist, it’s the thing that runs my life
Toggl, I tried, I haven’t quite mastered the habit of using it.
Trello, I couldn’t do, I tried and quit after a short time. People keep telling me to give it more time to get adjusted, maybe I’ll do so.

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