CSS not processing

It took it all out and dropped it into notepad, then restored. It should be ok now.

Try changing that less-than symbol to < on your stylesheet. Shot in the dark.

EDIT: looks like I’m slow. Nevertheless, I still see the CSS with the comments and the format is still failing from the server. HTML file on the server still expecting original CSS filename.

Huh? Why would the server require a refresh? :smile:

Also odd, the stylesheet doesn’t work in Dreamweaver either. Do I have a wrong DOCTYPE?

Methinks it’s a communications problem. The HTML is on a secure port, the CSS file is not. They aren’t communicating.

Can I simply lay it in local and leave the external stylesheet out of the picture?

I would think so.

The page seems to format correctly if I run the HTML from my PC. In other words, it reads the CSS file without a hitch.

Well that worked.

Now, where the heck did my lines go around the boxes? (new css question)

The test site still does not appear formatted. Doesn’t look like the address of the CSS file on the test page has changed.

It’s formatted only in that it is in columns, not possible without css code there. I dumped the external css and made it internal.
But now I’ve gone and lost my lines and the text items do not align in columns after the mucked up positioning of the Recurring Donations.

Guess I don’t know what you mean by external and internal.

There is no CSS visible at the top of the HTML page.

Copy this file to your PC and double click it to open it in your browser.
cheadonations.html (22.5 KB)

It comes up fine (at least for the columns) and I see the stylesheet information below the descriptions.

Can we consider this thread resolved, or do you have more questions?

Almost resolved, but I’ll consider the baseline issue resolved.

I’ll open another for the css layout information.

Thanks everyone!

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