Creating a CMS using Ruby?

OK, thanks so far. In the meantime, I’ve managed to get hold of the RoR bible aka “Agile Web Development with Rails”. I got stuck a couple of times doing the tutorials but all in all I am pretty impressed with Ruby so far. Especially when you are coming from a Java background RoR makes you feel like Alice in Wonderland. I love Ruby’s ability to map database tables to Objects etc. It makes the whole thing a whole lot more flexible.

But here’s my next question: Where can I get a decent Ruby on Rails cookbook with code examples for creating a content management system. I heard there’s one in the making at O’Reilly’s, but is it any good? What would be some other Ruby cookbooks on the market? Has anybody ever used one?

There really is no book like that yet. The main ones so far are the Agile book and Rails Recipes, which follows more of a cookbook formula (i.e. each chapter solves a specific problem, like “how do I use a rails app without a database?”).

If you want to just dive into some sample code though, you can take a look at Eribium, an open source Rails-based CMS that’s in alpha stages.

OK, I think I’m gonna get the Rails Recipes one then… But why would anyone want to use Rails without a database lol… I think the way it handels databases is one of Rails core strengths!!!