Code question

I don’t think anyone is arguing that in some instances a new window would be good; it’s more the case of how the author writes the method or (informs or doesn’t) the user that the link has been designed to open in such a way. That is the major point repeatability being made.

A truly idiotic solution by the forum software in action.

In a secured control panel session ‘user login’ type environment then it theoretically could make sense for the prevision for unobtrusive JS to open some control toolbox windows. Certainly if I had to suffer five or more new windows forced by _blank it would probably overload my memory, I have of course a disability and it’d probably result in my closing them all.

The JS processing cycles to open a new window would be negligible in this instance. The actual opening of the new window/tab by any method is what would consume resources and when you abuse target and let’s say to have 3 windows open that’s 2 (orphans) you’d need to close. Whereas with in contrast unobtrusive JS you could keep it manageable or even in absence of JS the same applies - easy management allowing the user to deicide.

Poes, is an example of a dumb user so if a stupid cat wants choice; then it’s clear unobtrusive JS is the right choice, as far as the visitor is concerned.