CMS for college/university website

Can you enlighten me more what will happen next if I’m done in my set up. I’m referring to uploading in FTP. I’m running my modx in localhost only.

I’m not that familiar with MODx, but I’ll help if I can. Not quite sure what you are asking, though. If you’ve set up everything locally, you can upload everything to the web host. Just make sure all the paths are correct, the database is set up etc. You might have to consult the MODx user guide to make sure you have all bases covered. Personally, I prefer to work online to avoid all the hassles of moving a local CMS to the web, but that’s because I lack experience and confidence in such matters. :slight_smile:

In my part, I choose to work in localhost for troubleshooting purposes. I’m new in using this.

My problem now is, let’s say I’m done editing my templates and some pages, whats next? usually I just copy all the files to filezilla and upload. I don’t know with modx.

Thank you very much for your patience.

In the case of a CMS, you’ll need to set up a database online (as you presumably did locally) and transfer your local database contents to the remote one. In your local database, there should be a way to zip up the files, then you go to your online database and upload them.)

The rest of the MODx files can be uploaded with Filezilla. You’ll just need to change any file paths that were different on your local machine. (It’s easier if you set up your local environment to match the remote one to avoid having the change paths.)

I always recommend wordpress, it just gets the job done and no other cms has made me as satisfied. For the purposes of using your own design I would probably go with Ralph’s suggestion of using drupal.

Wordpress is kinda plug and play…

How about drupal?

I’m thinking drupal right now. I’m having trouble downloading extras in modx…

They say wordpress is kinda plug and play.
How about that? I’m thinking of drupal right now.

I’m having trouble in downloading and installing extras.

You don’t have to use it that way. But the alternative means digging into a fair bit of code, which is a bit messy. I also still begrudge WP for being primarily for blogging.

How about drupal?

I looked into it back in the day, and found it a bit of a behemoth. I’m sure once you know how it works it’s great—there are some great members around here who attest to that—but I found it a bit confusing and left it behind.

You could perhaps try something else like CMSMadeSimple … though I’m not sure how simple it really is. Another popular one is Concrete5. Not sure if these will do what you need or how easy they are to use.

I must add that to my cms vocabulary.

CMSMadeSimple and Conrete5…Is it free?

Yes, both free I believe.

C5 is interesting.

Now I’m more confused.

Yes, it’s not easy. This is probably why a lot of people cling to one when they’ve found something that suits them. It always feels like you are climbing a mountain when you face using a new one. I find most (if not all) of them lack a really good introduction that gives you a clear, conceptual overview of how the CMS works and what it offers.

This problem should address to them.

Your bet is drupal right?

I just tried the demo from C5,
I did’nt see what I want.

I hope all cms has there own demo too.

user: admin
pass: carlos

for now, I’ll just stick to modx and study deeper.
I just read its manual and I’m too far to get back.

I hope modx will be good to me.
I’ll just credit modx support.

It always feels like you are climbing a mountain when you face using a new one

you’re right.
It feels that way.
Really that way or more.

There aren’t that many modx developers out there who know it well. However, there are many Drupal developers… who know it in and out. By using a system that is not real well known your somewhat doing your client a disservice when/if they need support and your not around. I would choose something a little more mature and large community. modx has a very small following and your pretty much writing just about everything by hand. It works for small, simple sites but ones that are highly dynamic I wouldn’t see how without a lot of custom programming. If you find though it works for you than more power to you. Though without a list of at least semi-detailed requirements it is really all just a crap shoot.

You got me shaken.

The CMS I want is that the templating, extras, add-ons won’t sacrifice my design and I find modx meeting those things. But you got me of your words. Modx is too young.

Dude what happen if I don’t use CMS anymore? perhaps a DW template for a copy and paste section. Is it ok?

Not quite clear what you are asking, but you can make the site static if you want, just updating it “by hand”, as it were.

I mean, Is there any disadvantage of not using cms?

It’s just more work in the long run. Say you have a blog, or regular entries on your site. You may want snippets of the latest entries on the home page, and each entry to end with a list of related entries. You can do all this by hand, but it’s very time consuming. It could all be done instantly/automatically by a CMS.