Checkboxes: Validation & Stickiness



So that means you agree with what I was trying to say earlier about the Value could be anything (as long as the Keys are constant)??

ON POST you could check the key in a foreach statement against the master array key using


Depending on what you plan on entering into the database, you could also use this $key to get the value from the masterlist array.

You may come to regret it later on in terms of readability when you find yourself wondering “which was Id #10 again?”

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I think I get Checkboxes enough to be dangerous in the morning! :sunglasses:

Fortunately, I have two other scripts that I can use as cheat-sheets for implementing a lot of this.

My biggest confusion was with how Checkboxes stored entries, but now I see that they are similar to Radio Buttons.

This is a new chapter for me in PHP, but hopefully something I can use more in the future.

Thanks for the help! :thumbsup:

Haaa, someone changed the list order!!!

Okay, that is a valid point!

But how then do I handle the Form?

Can I do something like this…

if (!empty($interest[$interestID])){
    // Checkbox Selected
    // Do Something...

    // Checkbox Not Selected
    // Do Something Else...

(The assumption being that if there is ANY value then the given Checkbox was selected, and if no value exists then the Checkbox wasn’t selected.)

Slight modification to what I posted above. NOTE: I am using $interests as the master list array name. Change as needed.

    foreach($_POST['interest'] as $id => $whatever):
            //Check count
            if($cnt <= 5):
                //Get the value
                $value = $interests[$id];
                //INSERT to table


So instead of looping though the main array (100 options) and checking to see if an id was posted, we just loop through posted key/values.

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