BG colour on images when hovered

I have several images displayed in a few text boxes that are appearing with a coloured background when hovered over. I’ve checked through my codes but saw nothing of the sort. I’ve even tried picking the colour that appears when hovering over the image but the hex code doesn’t exist anywhere in the coding. I’m not sure what is causing this to happen as I have a similar image set as the title and it doesn’t display this behaviour. Need help on figuring this out!

Without seeing your code @Dream.hackeR it’s going to be tricky. :slight_smile:

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Which parts of the code are you perhaps looking for exactly? Sorry, I’m new to this!

At a minimum, we need to see the HTML and CSS for the page in question. If you have a live link to the page, that’s great, but otherwise we need enough code to reproduce the issue.

This thread should help: Forum Posting Basics.

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