Been offered some training, but I won't get paid

I’ve not made my mind up…I would like to do the training, but on the other hand I have to warrant the investment.

There are two parts to the training, the part I will be taking part in, which is the developer role, and how to integrate the service into websites. Then there is the marketing role, which, is where the marketing company themselves come in.

I will only have one part of the training, so although I would be able to provide an integration service, I wouldn’t know exactly how to use the service effectively. So even the use of the tool isn’t something I could offer to other clients.

To be honest, I actually found your response rude and obnoxious. I’ve been situations in the past where I’ve jumped in feet first without considering all the facts, and I’ve been burnt pretty bad, so excuse me if I seem a little apprehensive about essentially spending just over £1000 on something which at the minute, I cannot see giving me a return. I came on here looking for advice, maybe others have been in a similar situation and it’s worked out for them, I’m looking for reasons why I will benefit from the training, apart from having a 4 day holiday, and so far I’m not convinced.

You have to look at the bigger picture. Could almost a week away from work be invested into something else which would have more potential to reap a long term benefit.

There are plenty of courses I could take part in which I feel would benefit me and my business more, then the training being offered to me. i.e. a marketing course, iPhone and iPad app development, search engine optimisation, all would, in my opinion, bring a bigger return into the business.

I would be investing in training which will only benefit one of my clients. I would know how to integrate a single on-demand marketing tool into websites and newsletters, a tool which none of my other clients use, and one which I very much doubt they would have the budget to use.

As already mentioned, I don’t think this would be much of an issue had I also not been away on holiday the week before the training, so essentially going 2 weeks without any money coming into the business…but I suppose that’s ok, I can just ring my mortgage company and they’ll understand.

My client is very important to me, and is by far my biggest client, however, I’m not sure how much new work I’ll get a result of this new tool they’ll be using, as they’ll only be using it with certain clients, which at the moment, are not clients I really do much work on projects for.


To be honest, it’s only going to be around a £1000 investment from me, but if it only results in extra 1-2 hours of work per month, it’s not really worth it.

what then is the chance of losing this client completely if you’re not doing this training?

you might want to do some scenario analysis:

think of three scenarios and their impact on you: a best, worst and most likely scenario. use a mind mapping programme or similar for this - or do some sort of decision tree.