Autofill html form from landing page or another page by click Add values using on click event

I want to fill picture one form from pic 2 form. (by clicking Add button of 2nd pic ) in html php and java script. can any body share example or any suggesion

No one is going to complete this project for you. You need to show us that you are at least trying to do something for yourself.

Post you code and let people help you where you are stuck. I would suggest that you start with the HTML for the form…

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So… you know you’ve only posted 1 picture, right?

I want to fill my first form(Patient Details) from second page data. For example, By click on add button on 2nd page, i want form one input fields should be autofill. How can i do that in php java script???

What does the “Add” link currently do? What does it look like? Show us the code.

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