Anyone who embraces responsive webdesign is stupid

All very true.

So, do you think that personal computers as we know them today will all but disappear in the near future?

And the question that I was trying to ask was, “Are we heading towards a world that is 99% responsive web design and smart-phone based?”

My hope is that traditional web designs (e.g. 2 and 3-column layouts) will still be around for the foreseeable future, but that we need to realize that mobile/responsive design is now in the majority!

For home users, yes I think probably they will. If I didn’t work on a computer for a living, most of my internet usage would probably be via a tablet as it’s much more convenient. They’ll likely continue to be used in business environments for a while yet, although you never know what’s just around the corner.

Not just smart-phone based - there’s going to be an increasing diversity of devices accessing the web, all with different displays and capabilities: smart watches, TVs, in-car entertainment systems, video game consoles, kitchen appliances. Unless you’re designing for a corporate environment, you can’t really make many assumptions about how people will be using the sites you create.

So mastering Responsive Web Design as quick as I can would be a good thing?

Do you think there is a decent market for it as far as starting a business?

(I was worried that since it has been around for up to 5 years that maybe it was outdated?)

Yes, I’m surprised no one has come out with a stove that has a built-in screen so I can keep up with what my Facebook friends are eating while I cook supper

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This popped up on my Twitter feed this morning. If there were ever any doubt about whether RWD is an important consideration for web development, the graph on this ought to put paid to that.

People do still like big screens, many people have them at home. They just struggle getting a 60" screen in their handbag or pocket.

Technology has been progressing forever, now is just a small chapter of a story millions of years old.
How would any generation cope without the things they grew up with and take for granted. Imagine being without electricity, running water, motor vehicles, going back further, industry, agriculture, the wheel, buildings as opposed to caves, fire…
There were past generations that went without all this and got by, as they didn’t know any different. Now we have them, take them for all granted and wouldn’t have it any other way.
People in the future may look back at us and think: How did they live like that? Without XYZ futuristic thing. Every generation throughout time lived in the modern age from their own perspective. What they had then was cutting edge.

2 and 3 column designs are still possible as part of a responsive design. There is no reason that your desktop view of a site should look any different regardless of whether it is responsive or not.

You can keep exactly the same design and layout in a responsive design. How it works is that the changes occur only on the smaller screens when the big design no longer works. (if you take the desktop first approach, which is probably most appropriate for you)
The sooner you lean RWD and start to understand it, the sooner you will stop flapping about it, then wonder why you were getting so wound up.
The best thing you can do is find some learning resources (lots on-line), then open your editor and get coding. When you get stuck, just ask.


There’s not one scintilla of this I could pick a hole in

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How about the mis-spelling of learn? :smile:

…apart from that

His grammar could be worked on. It’s most certainly not optimal.

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Being able to function without technology is an advantage only if the zombie apocalypse happens. :wink:

Until then, we probably have the advantage over you. In your day, you may have brought a magazine with you into the bathroom. Today, I can bring my entire library. In your day, you may have needed to pull your car over to open a gargantuan sized map. Today, I simply speak, “Directions to Yellow Stone.” In your day, kids may have passed notes or talked for hours on the phone. Today, they send texts. Lots and lots of texts.

It’s all the same stuff, just much more convenient. :smile:

Are we talking about immigrants or something? I’ve never once encountered a native English speaker who couldn’t pronounce dollars and cents. That sounds bizarre.

It’s true that America is falling behind in education, and it’s also true that smartphone usage is increasing. You seem to have decided that one is the cause of the other, but all you’ve actually found is a correlation, not a causation. The real reasons why we’ve fallen behind in education are much more varied and complex.

By the way, people in countries doing best in education use smartphones too. I did a quick search on Finland, for example, and (assuming these numbers are accurate) they have 4.7 million mobile phone users out of a population of 5.4 million, yet their education is excellent. I think it’s safe to say smartphones aren’t the problem.


White Americans.

Citibank, Discover, American Express, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and on and on…

At least 1/3 of the time this happens when I call in.

Last week a bank rep rambled off digits. I asked, “Could you say that in dollars and cents?” After three tries he still didn’t know how to say it.

Do you know how many kids I meet that don’t know how to tell direction based on the sun’s position? (Of course they are great with a GPS.)

How about all of the kids that don’t know how to find books, journals, articles, etc at the library. All they know how to do is plagiarize off of WikiPedia.

My favorite is kids on a date sitting at a booth texting each other.

These kids wouldn’t last a day in the 1960s, let alone back in my grandparents’ time.

Can’t read, can’t write, can’t do basic math, can’t figure out directions, can’t count money, can’t cook, can’t clean, don’t know how to interact with people in real life…

More causation than correlation.

Reminds me of a relative who couldn’t tie his shoes because he grew up with Velcro ones…

Wipe my ass?? Is there an app for that?

Playing devils advocate why does that matter? I mean… its not like the 1960s, 1800s, etc is coming back around.

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Don’t be so literal.

Why does it matter? Because the power goes off, your Internet goes down, GPS units break, and gasp there is the occasional time where life requires you to THINK on your own…

Are you seriously trying to say noone knows how to function without an electronic device in their hands? They can’t do anything? They can’t figure out what to eat for lunch? They can’t clean their rooms? Shower?

I don’t even know how to argue with you Tony Mikey. This is ridiculous. I’m baffled at this logic.

Not everyone from your generation is as smart as you are, Ryan.

Maybe you should listen in to one of the calls to my bank, or go shopping with me, or let’s go to the local shopping mall and observe people.

This latest generation gets what it deserves when it comes to criticism…

Who is Tony?

I got Ds and some Es in high school. Maybe a C/B/A but I graduated with a VERY low 2 GPA. I was a moron compared to everyone. That’s why I find it ridiculous because you even think I"m smart when in fact I’m almost the stupidest of my generation! That’s why this is hilarious!

I went to community college for 4 years, only graduated with a AA in Criminal Justice (granted it took 4 years due to working full time) and only graduated with a VERY low 2 GPA. Very close to not even graduating with that.

So how can you call me smart, while I was almost the stupidest of my entire state county?


Here is what some other people have had to say about this issue…

Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids?

Learned helplessness: Millennials

The Idiot Generation

Not everyone under 40 is an idiot. But Millennials obsession with technology is not always such a good thing.

There is life beyond your smart-phone and FaceBook…

First off, I don’t know you as a total person.

From what I do know of you, it is clear to me that you are very good at what you do when it comes to front-end development. (You know more than I do in many areas, although I am catching up on you!) :wink:

And in general you do come across as someone who strives to be smart and keep learning.

Maybe you are horrible with English or U.S History or Art - most people are not good at many things even though they should be.

Here is a tip… You are only as “stupid” as you choose to be. Unless you have a learning disability - which I doubt - then you can always keep leaning and growing and bettering yourself.

Of course if you sit on your ass and expect smart-phones and the Internet and technology to think for you, then you would indeed be the world’s biggest fool.

Sadly, that describes a good part of your generation…

And attitudes like @oddz implied - “Why be a free thinker when we have computers to do it for us in 2015” - don’t help the situation.

I don’t think anyone is stupid as long as they keep an open-mind and work hard to keep learning.

But in this world we live, it is as if “stupidity” is en vogue?!

Why learn something when I can just look it up on Google?

Why learn to read a map when there is GPS?

Why learn to cook when there is McDonalds?

Why learn to drive when there is the Google Car?

Learned helplessness to the Nth degree.

Back on topic…

I finally watched the video from my OP and have to say that it was lame. I understand what he was trying to say, but the way he organized his presentation and talking points was poorly done. I give him a C. (Ironically, the dude probably make $200k per year!)

In the end, I look forward to learning RWD, but I still think viewing websites on a computer/laptop is way better than on mobile devices. Oh well, to each his/her own!