Anyone recognize this font? (post your font identification requests here!)

Csj - it’s Ad Lib - here & [URL=]here

BTW I’ve merged your thread into this one, dedicated for font recognizing questions.

I’m sorry too :shifty:

I’m sorry I’ve found the name of the font and spoilt the fun :frowning:

This isn’t a font recognising question as such - I don’t have an image of it. I am looking for a font where the capital E is just three lines stacked one above the other… Am I making sense?


Found one. It’s called Tele Marines if anyone else ever needs it…


does anyone recognise the font used for the whiteout “City of Westminster College” at this url please



Macdan - it’s Meta Medium Roman

nice one - spot on!

On this page please on the banner?,,10396~830662,00.html


Unable to log in to the page, need to register first. Try to post an example of the banner, or go to and try to identify it yourself. (Use the “Identify Specific Characters” link at the bottom)


Anyone know this?


can anybody give me a link to a site that has a font idnetifying script on it ?
i need to identify the following font:

Read the first post of this thread. :slight_smile:

You’ll have to prepare this image as described in the “How To Recognize A Font” tutorial for a WTF script to recognize it.

Does anyone know the RedHat font? It’s used on Firefox also, I believe.

RedHat - it’s Myriad Pro (Semibold and Light) with cut ends of “d” and “h”.
Firefox - MetaBoldLF-Roman (

Need some help on figuring out what this font is, it’s for the world cup, I’ll done whatthefont, and nothing came up. What I need is the font that says “Germany 2006”. Thx.

Germany 2006 font is called “Whitestone Sports”, you can find it here: (of course no download is available).

It’s also called “FIFA Welcome”

A bit similar font is Trivia - you can check the comparison of these two here: (only in German, but there are good illustrations too).

Thanks A Lot!