Anyone recognize this font? (post your font identification requests here!)

Can anybody please tell me if he knows what font is this?

It is a handwriting font but I have never seen such realistic looking handwriting font.

If you have any idea about it please let me know.


I’d start looking in here - DaFont > Script > Handwritten

That looks like a customized handwriting font to me. I’ve used several handwriting fonts and have seen dozens upon dozens and that one is unfamiliar to me. Will post if I find it though.

[I wasn’t sure if I should post this here or in the Graphics forum, but I’m not trying to create a graphic, so I figured this was the spot to make the thread.]

Anyway, does anyone know what font this is [the big one]:

I want to say that it’s from the Futura family, but I’m not sure.

It looks like a bold and narrow version of Franklin Gothic to me.

Have you read the How To Recognize a Font thread? It might be of help here.

I’ve also used the eloquently titled ‘What the Font’. After nearly 30 years, I was able to recognise a font which my former local bus company used to use for one of their tickets.

I can’t believe I missed this thread! Then again, I posted this early in the morning.

After searching like a nut, the closest ones I found are Futura Extra Bold Oblique & Futura Black. There is a slight difference between the two, but it doesn’t matter which one I use.

Please tell me what is the font of this cover in this sentence " Microsoft Windows Security"

What is the font of this sentence" updated for office 2003"

Hi, can you help me to recognize the font of the attached pictures. This pictures are from site menu. Thanks in advance!

Looks like DIN (Bold or Medium ).

Yes, it is DIN Mittelschrift LT 1451.

Any one knows answer to my question?

Have you read the How to Identify a Font thread?

If I had to guess, I’d say that’s Myriad Pro.

Very close - it’s really similar :agree:

It’s Microsoft’s “official” font - Segoe.

I need Tele Marines font, please help me. Where can I find it for download?


I came across the text shown in the image attached to this thread. What font is it?

Raja Sekharan

It looks to be pretty close to Stroudly

The font is Myriad Condensed Semi Bold. It’s standard on Macs, but if you’re a Windows user, you can purchase it at FontShop.

Myriad Condensed Semi Bold.

I’m trying to find out what this font I saw in a screenshot is.
Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:
See the attached file for a cutout of the screenshout.