An Explanation of Trust Levels

Yep, I perfectly understand. Over time, we’ll no doubt come to a better understanding of the usefulness or otherwise of this level. It does give members some degree of moderator power, so in that respect it would suit someone who’s more interested in the forums as a whole. But it’s not a deal breaker IMHO. I agree that someone who only visited on single category regularly but who was a great member and contributor would be worthy of such powers.

Understood. I just wanted to ensure you guys had thought about this. cpradio, that is a good and valid point. I understand where you guys are coming from. Thanks for the clarification :). Perhaps you guys should also consider forcing users into having at least one tag on the threads (like stackoverflow) to also ease the work of Level3/moderators. Forcing one tag might also have them do a range of useful tags (perhaps limit based on trust level)

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I am liking what I am seeing here. Lucky for me there are several categories that I am interested in so hitting that 25% might be a bit faster for me. I dunno yet. It would be nice to see that Stats but I do agree it could be dangerous. Considering my background seeing that data could be used to Game the System.


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It may not be as difficult as you think. It’s not easy I’ll give you that.

But some of the requirements for Trust Level 3 are based on the past 100 days.
So it’s a % of Topics and Posts created in the past 100 days - Not everything in the forum

At the vBulletin forums we at times had requirements for certain “perks” eg.
10 post count to put a homepage link in your Profile
25 post count to have a Signature

Countless members recieved fluff violations for making “me too” posts trying to up their post counts.

So say a member knows they are getting close to Trust Level 3 and really wants the “unrestricted self-promotion” of the Showcase category? Will they be wise enough to not get themselves in trouble trying to get there?

That was my concern. Seeing stats like that can be like a red rag … and the point of it really isn’t to have some kind of competition. :slight_smile:

Oh I agree whole-heartily @ralphm

I will say with what I know right now I could probably game the system pretty accurately AND get away with it.

So my free advice at this point is for you guys (Sitepoint staff/admins) or whomever is to watch your analytics like a Hawk. MANY, MANY, MANY forums do not and they are exposing their site to some of the techniques that I would employ.

Just so you know guys know. I told @HAWK who I was and that I was here to be a genuine part of the Community.

IF you ever feel that I am sharing TOO MUCH information PLEASE zap my post or PM me. No offense will be taken.


Hehe, well at least we’ll watch you like a hawk. :stuck_out_tongue: (joke) But yes, vigilance is critical, and there are lots of pretty vigilant people around here. One thing I love about Discourse is how everyone can participate in moderating to some extent. A ton of spam has already been flagged this week by the community. It’s fantastic.


Don’t worry, if any Moderators catch you misbehaving we’ll have Zeus send down a thunderbolt to wake you up :wink:


ROFL…I’m happy to know you guys have my back! hahahaha

All of my 11 years as a member and I’m now basic? No loyalty

It’s not really about loyalty. It’s more about feeling your way along and getting used to this system. It’s actually very easy to get to the highest trust level. It’s just a matter of hanging around and enjoying interacting as usual. :slight_smile:

I hope I’ve quoted you, I’m trying to get used to it but it’s kind of confusing, well hope I’m not flagged for spamming, just have to do some posting to understand this new board…well I didn’t quote your post, AHHHHHH where are the smilies when you need them, the one where it’s banging it’s head against the wall will do now!

Yep, you’ll get used to it quickly, I’m sure. We have a handy cheat sheet to help you. :slight_smile:

And a Did you Know…

[quote=“187skillz, post:45, topic:724, full:true”]
AHHHHHH where are the smilies when you need them, the one where it’s banging it’s head against the wall will do now!
[/quote]This one?

If you’re missing the old faithful smilies, you can find them here, for now.

Yes that’s the one, thank you.

Think about Paul O’Brien… :wink:

Thanks for sharing. Bit clear for this concept.