A fun quiz for Thursday

Took it, 8/12.

Questions I got wrong:

Q5, The first popular browser (embarrassing because I did an assignment on the history of the Internet in uni)
Q7, Sheryl Sandberg
Q8, When the iphone was released (I chose 2009)
Q11, what university was first on Facebook. I chose MIT. Never saw the film.

Still 81.8% better than most. :smile: And that twitter one was a guess, I rarely use it, but knew there was a character limit.

Thanks for explaining. doesn’t sound much like a law to me, but meh …

Gah! At leaste I was right about it…sorta.

IMHO it’s a “Hypothesis”. But saying that it is a Law much easier to understand for joe bloggs :wink:

Yes, but it seems to conflict with another “law”—that Less is Moore.


I aced it. :sunglasses:

Less space with Moore transistors :stuck_out_tongue:


Second question:
Twitter limits the number of characters per tweet to 140

uhhh, who cares?

This tests your internet knowledge (and your IQ?)
America, we truly are doomed.

Me… it’s my job.
I guess that’s the point. There are aspects of it that are important to everybody.

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I don’t twitter, chirp, or tweet. I don’t do Facebook and never did Myspace. I’m missing out on Instagram and probably a whole bunch more some-such.

No offense intended to your job; I have no followers breathlessly awaiting my latest 140 characters, thus my disparaging remark. Sorry.

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That explains why you got one of the questions about the internet wrong then :slight_smile:

I didn’t actually take the quiz; I became disillusioned at #2, and started flapping my lips. So just now, I went back and took the quiz. I have to remove the twitter character length question and also the iphone question (I read the answer here) so of the remaining 10 questions, I missed one–I did not recognize the woman’s picture.

I’m an old fogey who’s trying to keep herself somewhat current. For example, my first work computer had 80 column green text on black background with a 300 baud modem, and my first internet account was a UNIX shell account. Regardless, this just wasn’t much of a quiz. Most of the questions were non-technical to the point of being silly. But–go figure–this was Pew Research, who now have written up an equally silly article with their profound results.

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Awesome, I love it when older people break the stereotype! :thumbsup:

Well the internet is so broad now. I don’t know, but I am guessing the creators of the quiz wanted to get an idea how many people follow the social and commerial side of the internet too, like how many people know who a certain high profile female internet boss is.

I will take a look at that now :slight_smile:

Yeah, not particularly accurate, for example:

just 23% are aware that “the Internet” and “the World Wide Web” do not, in fact, refer to the same thing.

Suggests that they think the results show that 23% of people know the difference, completely forgetting that this is a multiple choice questionaire with 4 possible answers. So if it was given to brain damaged monkeys, using the same logic, ~25% of the brain damaged monkeys would know the difference too…

The quiz was still good fun though :smile:


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