6 Must-Use Meteor Packages for (Almost) Every Project

For simple sites, then sure, it isn’t hard to make sure that the experience without JavaScript is acceptable.

However, for anything more complicated (like this forum, for example), then I don’t understand why one would disable JavaScript and be surprised that things don’t work.

What is the thinking behind disabling JavaScript? That’s what I want to understand.

Misunderstanding of what it is. AngC’s reasons from the last thread went from IE4/5 era ActiveX security issues, to confusing it with Java Applets, to not understanding that bad software can and is written in any language.

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lol you quoted it. I removed it. :slight_smile: For what it’s worth, I also know some great people who work in that sector.

Is there any fear about overwriting too much of the base meteor functionality with some packages?

Example: Collection2 - In the future, if the vanilla Meteor collections change, will this break your app? That might not be a big deal. But, if you are so heavily invested in using Collection 2, it might be painful to update/remove all of that code. Maybe the developers of Collection2 will address that. If you do continuous integration, you might not catch the problem until its been deployed to production.

BTW, I use pretty much everything mentioned except Collection2. I just haven’t heard of it until now.

I can understand that, BUT…

I don’t know the numbers, but I wonder whether Mawburn’s initial numbers MAY have been flawed. He cited a figure of around 1%(???) which I also found on google, but the figure was from around 2010 (working on memory here.) I don’t know; but in the US that’s maybe a million people? (I’m just typing, not fact-checking.) I didn’t even trot out any tired arguments (that I found on google) like wiping out a few more potential clients like disabled people. Oh, and then there’s people like me that live about 50 miles from a major metropolitan area, but until 15 months ago had dial-up. (…I’m all over JS with that.) Thanks to the USF, I now have DSL. …still don’t have a cell-phone. All you get out here is Verizon-1 bar-have to go out by the barn to get that 1 bar.

I don’t know development costs vice accommodating users. What I do understand is that customers pay the bills. And anyone that casually dismisses any of their potential clients isn’t exercising good judgment. In my opinion.

I’ll have you know I’m up-to-date and using IE11.

And yes indeedy, any moron can type “bad” mark-up. No misunderstanding on my end; you’ve chosen to misinterpret my comments to suit your agenda. By choosing to use IE11 (which the Safari or Chrome or etc., people might disagree with) I chose a product with which I’m comfortable and that I trust, for the most part. When somebody writes bad stuff and stuffs it in my web browser, I’ve lost all control.

I realize that these forums are aimed at developers, but I really don’t understand why you would arbitrarily dismiss my opinion without at least giving it some thought. …especially when I read multiple mentions from “developer” types that they turn JS off because “flashy” things and ads annoy them. Well, golly gee; here’s a thought, maybe that stuff annoys your potential clients too?

I will and do. And if the design irritates me, I leave; there’s ten billion more hits on the search engine selling the same darn thing.

I like walking with my shirt off. There are plenty of places I can go with my shirt off. But if I want to eat then I need to put a shirt on. Else, I don’t eat.

Yes, it’s reasonable to consider JS off. But it’s at least as reasonable, if not more so, that those with JS off accept the responsibility that comes with that decision. No one is forcing them to put a shirt on. That said, if they want to eat it makes sense they can be expected to put a shirt on in order to do so.

Also, if they understand they are a self-inflicted fringe case then perhaps they’re not a good customer fit anyway. After all, what business wants to deal with someone who is intentionally unreasonable, and is in denial of being so?

Are you sure you didn’t just click “view source”?

I think it’s best if I keep my shirt/blouse on. …don’t want to gross out anyone.
It seems like this is one of those topics where we should agree to disagree. The web designers appear to agree that users should behave as they deem appropriate. And those fringe elements who disagree are expendable.

oh, did I mention? I’ve been running with JS and DOM storage disabled since this topic started and successfully managed to spend several hundred dollars, plus conduct banking, etc.

No one can force any customer to do anything. That was my point.

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Nice post! Meteor is useful to build stuff quickly! :smile:
There is a website, which calls DevFreeCasts, and there are a lot of free Meteor screencasts to watch there, take a look: http://devfreecasts.org/meteor

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