Writing Guidelines

Follow these guidelines when writing for SitePoint, and refer to them before submitting articles and topic pitches to your editor.

First Things First: What Do We Publish on SitePoint?

SitePoint is one of the web’s foremost resources for web developers. As such, we’ve published over 10,000 articles in 14 years, as well as over 75 books.

We publish content aimed at web developers. Our central theme is making better websites. Every article published on SitePoint should be relevant to the needs of modern web developers, interesting to our target audience, educational for a large percentage of our audience, and technically accurate.

SitePoint’s Audience

Our readers are mostly professional web developers or professional designers, with a small percentage of readers in the early stages of learning to code. One-half of our readers work in a corporate environment, while one quarter work in a startup or agency, and another quarter are freelance web developers or designers.

Our top country is the United States, followed by India, the United Kingdom and Canada.

As with many web publications, a large percentage of our readers find us from search engines. This is useful to remember when choosing a topic for your next article.

Topics We Cover on SitePoint

SitePoint has eight main channels: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Mobile/App development, UX and Design. Each of these channels is distinct, but articles often cover more than one of these topics.

We also publish a small number of articles that don’t fit within these channels, such as articles on browsers or marketing. These articles must be relevant to web developers in order to be considered for publication.

Our readers are interested in a wide variety of topics. In recent years, however, we’ve found that they are less receptive to certain subjects, and these may change depending on current events and web development trends. If you are unsure whether a particular topic would be a good fit for SitePoint, please get in touch with your editor or email editor@sitepoint.com for guidance.

Here is a sample of recent articles that have been very popular with our readers:

Article Formats on SitePoint

The following formats are the most frequently published on SitePoint:

Writing for SitePoint: The Basics

Pitching a Topic and Working with Your Editor

SitePoint publishes an average of 18 articles per week across our eight main channels. In order to maintain a balance in our coverage of different topics, and to ensure that we don’t publish articles that are too similar to one another, we urge you to send in an topic suggestion (a pitch) prior to writing the article. One of our editors will review your pitch, get in touch with any questions or feedback, and either suggest you try a different approach or give you the go-ahead.

SitePoint’s editors are all professional web designers or developers at the top of their respective field. They are also closely attuned to what is especially interesting to our readers, and will work with you to create an article that is informative, compelling, and well-written.

Your editor is your primary contact and advocate, so never be afraid to ask them questions if you don’t understand something. Editors are responsible for managing authors and ensuring published articles are clear, correct, concise, complete, and consistent. It’s the editor’s job to ensure all submissions meet a level of quality before publication. If your article doesn’t meet your editor’s expectations, they will send it back to you with changes and constructive feedback to help you improve it.

Whenever two or more people work together there is the potential for friction. Here are some tips to avoid common misunderstandings and help foster a positive working relationship with your editor.

Once your article is published, the editor will move the relevant card to Published, and you’ll receive a Trello notification.

Submitting an Article: Format and Style Guidelines



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This guide was written by Ophelie in January 2014