Hot on the heels of SitePoint’s recent Jump Start Node.js comes the second addition to this new series: Jump Start CoffeeScript. For those among you who are keen to investigate the handy little JavaScript compiler language that is CoffeeScript, you can grab yourself a copy of the print and digital bundle for only $29.

And why wouldn’t you? After all, the book is written by Earle Castledine, one of the authors behind SitePoint’s phenomenally successful jQuery: Novice to Ninja, it’ll turn you into a CoffeeScript guru in the space of a single weekend, and … it’s got ninjas in it! Lots of ’em. And they’re fast.

Over 150 pages you’ll familiarize yourself with the beautifully simple syntax of CoffeeScript as you construct your own HTML5 2D platformer using Canvas, jQuery, and of course lots of lovely JavaScript. Infact, you can play a basic version of the game you’ll create over at SitePoint right now. (You’ve got to love a JS file where one of your properties is addNinja, right?)

So brew yourself some CoffeeScript. Head over to the Jump Start CoffeeScript page, grab some Pig’s Boffin particles, dodge those ninjas … and snap up a copy of the book.

It’ll keep you awake for hours.

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Tom is the online managing editor at SitePoint. His working day consists of arming himself with an assembly line of long blacks and overseeing the curation of content and flow of traffic across the SitePoint network. His passions include bargain vinyl bins, yoga, juggling sci-fi novels with classic literature, and axolotls. He's currently wading into the world of Android development and HTML5 gaming.

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  • Mike

    You might want to check the Professor and the Ninjas game demo – all I get in Firefox 17.0 (Windows XP) is a blank brick wall! Doesn’t make me want to buy the book!

    • Colin Ihrig

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention Mike!

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