The Web Designer’s Roadmap


What do the world's best web designers do differently?

eBook includes: pdf, epub, mobi


The Web Designer’s Roadmap is your guide to navigating the web design process. This 192-page, full-color book covers all the steps from initial inspiration to finished design, helping to make you a more professional web designer.

What will I learn?

Who should read this book?

The Web Designer’s Roadmap is a 192 page book aimed at intermediate to more experienced web designers wanting to advance their careers and professionalism, by establishing a better design process.

The Web Designer’s Roadmap is a book designed to explore the relationship between the creative process and the production pipeline for websites … I show that creativity is a process that can be learned and explored, that technology should be employed in the service of the content, not the other way around. (As designers)…we are the architects of a future that can be amazingly beautiful…

Giovanni DiFeterici

Who is Giovanni Difeterici?

Giovanni is an illustrator, designer, and front-end developer at Period Three, a web design firm in South Carolina. He’s also the content and style editor for, a design gallery and blog, and regularly speaks at conferences about creativity, interface design, and art. Prior to becoming a designer, Giovanni was a fine artist, and this continues to inform his web design aesthetic.

eBook includes: pdf, epub, mobi
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