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Sinatra is the natural choice for building fast and efficient Ruby applications without the weight of Rails.

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Sinatra has become the natural choice for building fast and efficient Ruby applications without the weight of Rails. In fact, consider that the entire Sinatra codebase weighs in at less than 2,000 lines—around 1% the size of Rails! And, unlike Rails, you have the freedom to choose the tools you prefer. So, for instance, you can write database-agnostic code complete with Ajax.

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Getting started with Sinatra

In this interview Jess talks to John Barton about – Getting Started with Sinatra. As John explains, because Sinatra is small and flexible, it allows you to quickly create web applications in Ruby with minimal effort. He then describes how Sinatra can be used ‘in the wild’, and demonstrates in a quick tutorial, how to use Sinatra to build a simple marketing page with a sign-up form.

Meet Darren Jones

Darren Jones has been programming and building websites for more than a decade. After discovering Ruby on Rails, he fell in love with Sinatra’s approach to web development. Darren now contributes Sinatra tutorials to the RubySource website, and lists water polo and mathematics among his interests.

Customer reviews


“Fantastic book! Comprehensive, enjoyable, easy to understand. I use Sinatra for all sorts of projects now.”


“Jump Start Sinatra is a hands on course to get started on this amazing microframework with the hands dirty, although with crystal clear concepts.”


“A very nice resource for the ones learning Sinatra!”

eBook includes: pdf, epub, mobi
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