jQuery setTimeout() Function Examples

Sam Deering

The JavaScript setTimeout function can be used in a jQuery script to automate a task using a single-use, time-based trigger.

This function is very similar to JavaScript’s setInterval() Function.

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Basic setTimeout() Example

setTimeout(function() {
      // Do something after 5 seconds
}, 5000);

Tip: you can use the ClearTimeout() function to clear any timer values previously stored.

timeout = setTimeout('timeout_trigger()', 3000);

More setTimeout() Examples

jQuery(document).ready(function () {
	//hide a div after 3 seconds
	setTimeout( "jQuery('#div').hide();",3000 );

Or in a different way:

jQuery(document).ready(function () {
	//hide a div after 3 seconds
	setTimeout(function(){ jQuery("#div").hide(); }, 3000);
<!-- show a message for 2 seconds after you click the button -->
<input type="button" value="click me" 
  onclick="setTimeout('window.alert('Hello!')', 2000)" />

Or as a function:

<script language="Javascript">

function timeout_trigger() {

function timeout_init() {
    setTimeout('timeout_trigger()', 2000);

<input type="button" value="click me" onclick="timeout_init()" />

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  • foo

    Lame… that’s not jQuery, that’s javascript

    • http://jquery4u.com/ jQuery4u

      Yes setTimeout functions are native to JavaScript. I think you mean JavaScript, no jQuery?

      • bar

        yeah but you make it sound like it’s some kind of jQuery specialty, which is just plain wrong and stupid … (“This function is very similar to the jQuery setInterval() Function.”)

    • cmario00

      I second that, extremely lame.

  • Greg

    with 1.7.1 this throws an error
    timeout_trigger() not defined.

    tried embedding the trigger function, and even inline – same error. anyway around this?
    ———function that throws error:function timeout_trigger() { window.alert(‘Hello!’); } function timeout_init() { setTimeout(‘timeout_trigger()’, 2000);}

    • kokuou

      That’s because ‘timeout_trigger()’ is a user-defined function here. If you don’t have a correlating function with the same name in your script, of course it’s going to throw an error.

  • http://twitter.com/BluewaveDesign_ Bluewave Design


    This proved helpful to jog my memory into the myriad of posabilites for this function, thanks :)

    jQuery is a framework, and so by default is JavaScript, so ergo Mr Deering’s post is factual and correct, and “Lame” isn’t exactly constructive.

    • Dave

      Clearly the point foo was making was that referring to the function as “the jQuery setTimeout function” is misleading. It suggests the jQuery framework is required in order to use it, which it is not.

    • http://jquery4u.com/ jQuery4u


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  • Brad Coughlin


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  • Hannah

    Hello there…

  • Rune Jeppesen

    I don’t like the syntax.
    Why not use
    setTimeout(timeout_trigger, 2000);
    Instead of
    setTimeout(‘timeout_trigger()’, 2000);

    setTimeout(jQuery(‘#div’).hide,3000 );
    instead of
    setTimeout( “jQuery(‘#div’).hide();”,3000 );

    • jerin

      i need some job

  • Duu

    delay() in jQuery

  • ffffgggg

    Nice! Thanks!

  • Максим Мазурок

    should be:
    ‘window.alert(“Hello!”)’ or “window.alert(‘Hello!’)”

  • http://tribulant.com/ Antonie Potgieter

    Why not just use jQuery delay()?

  • http://Advocatesandhyagupta.com Sumiran Kumar


  • http://Advocatesandhyagupta.com Sumiran Kumar

    setTimeout(function() { $(“#div”).css

    // Do something after 5 seconds

    ({‘border':’solid 5px #ccc’ });

    }, 5000);

    jQuery(document).ready(function () {

    //hide a div after 4 seconds

    setTimeout( “jQuery(‘#div’).hide();”,10000 );