Great design is guided by four primary principles: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity. In this introduction to my new Learnable course “Principles of Design for Developers” we begin to explore these concepts as well as the common tools of the design trade.

Over a series of lessons in this course, you will learn more about the principles and complete projects related to the concepts presented. You can even take a quiz to test yourself after each lesson.

I hope to see you there!

Course Link: Principles of Design for Developers

Gabrielle Gosha Gabrielle Gosha
Gabrielle is a creative type who works as a freelance graphic designer, animator, photographer and filmmaker. She has worked doing various jobs from designing logos to filming commercials and animating music videos for both domestic and international music artists.
  • Zhe Xiao

    That’s great.

  • Gabrielle Gosha

    Hi Chris, if you check out the actual Learnable course you’ll find that these ideas are touched on within the lessons. Since the course is aimed at those with little to no design knowledge it’s easier to introduce the basic four principles (C.R.A.P) first IMO that way you’re not overwhelming people with too much information.

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