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    Image Map Mouseover Issue


    I have an image map marked into different locations.
    When the user mouses over a name in the right side frame, an image I created to cover the location for example location N,
    will highlight the specified area.

    I did this using hard-coded values which doesn't work out too well for me - it works ok in IE, but in FireFox, the top margin
    drops a bit.

    How do I fix this?

    (images attached)

    part of my code below...

    <div id="ardene" class="tt" style="left:280px;top:288px;height:72px;">
    <b>ARDENE &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;1.877.606.4233 x065</b><br/>
    Some text goes here.
    <br class="clear">
    <div style="margin-top:-205px;margin-left:179px;">
    <img src="images/hover/hover-n.png" />
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