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    Creating a product filter

    Hi all;

    I am new to web development, first i have built an online journal by learning css and html's basic and now i have something more complicated in my mind.

    I want to create a web based product filter. I have tens of products with different models and optional extra features and i want to create a simple interface to show best product for user's needs. what i want isjust like the panel at the left side of this website just a little more graphic and simpler.

    I am guessing that i need to create a database of my products at the back end and code an interface for it, which programming language is best (and easiest) for this job? or are there any solutions for what i want?

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    There is not single best programming language for doing this. Though simplest to pick-up for a beginner such as yourself would probably be PHP w/ MySQL. I use the word "simple" very loosely because learning any programming/scripting language is a huge task itself.
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