External Hosting Live broadcasting from my home ip camera, video streaming from a web cam located in Athens, Greece

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I have created a web page to broadcast live from my home ip camera. Video streaming is live from my house webcam located in Athens, Greece

I was forced to use an external website service in order to send the rtsp video from my camera through my home internet connection (adsl) to their server. Their server converts the rtsp stream to a flash form of streaming and they broadcast it to up to 100 simultaneous visitors. For this service I am paying 15 euros per month.

My question is if I can somehow send the rtsp stream from my camera to youtube servers so they broadcast the picture live without me having to pay a monthly subscription. After searching a lot I have concluded that youtube servers can not accept my rtsp stream directly so I would either have to use a pc with a flash encoder or use an external service to encode the rtsp stream from my camera to flash.

Please give me your ideas or your complete solution to help me broadcast live from my home camera.

Any ideas?

What is happening? nobody can help?

I’ve moved your thread to General Web Dev, to see if you get a better response there. (And please don’t bump your thread again. )

I saw this topic before, but when it no longer turned up in “unanswered topics” I assumed the reply was an answer not a bump.

Two schools of thought depending on logic.
A bump will move the topic up in “latest” and be more visible
A bump counts as a reply and those (such as myself and many others) will think the OP is getting addressed and move on to help others.

Anyway, It sounds like you are wanting to use your home computer as a live streaming server,

IMHO using a home computer as a server is a poor idea. You may be looking to save a bit of money, but the trade off is most likely not worth it unless you are prepared to commit to maintaining it 24 / 7

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