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    2012 SitePoint Community Awards... The Winners Announced!

    The 2012 SitePoint Community Awards season has come to a close. The votes have been counted and I'm proud to be able to announce the winners!

    Content Writer of the Year - Mikl
    Multimediac of the Year - EastCoast
    Photographer of the Year - Rubble
    Social Media Guru of the Year - Stevie D
    CSS Guru of the Year - Paul O'B
    (X)HTML Guru of the Year - xhtmlcoder
    The Dan Schulz Award for Web Design Guru of the Year - markbrown4
    PHP Guru of the Year - cpradio
    JavaScript Guru of the Year - paul_wilkins
    Database Guru of the Year - r937
    Programming Guru of the Year - SpacePhoenix
    Web Hosting Guru of the Year - EastCoast
    Server Guru of the Year - ScallioXTX
    Internet Marketer of the Year - Mikl
    Business Guru of the Year - Sagewing
    Community Spirit Award - TechnoBear
    Staff Member of the Year - ralph.m
    Member of the Year - Pullo

    Please join me in offering a huge congratulations to our winners, who will be sporting shiny new badges just as soon as I get a chance to post them up.

    Nice work everyone!
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