Hi all,

My first post, but this looks like a great resource of knowledgeable people. I've just finished (or I thought I had) designing my new site for my own business. I'm a musician and I sell CDs and downloads from my site. I used a template I brought and modified it in dreamweaver. I've built sites before, kind of understand css and html enough to get around it all. But I am definately a novice.

The new site is online, and is located at http://www.musicforballetclasses.com

Well I kept checking the site in chrome and everything looked and worked exactly like I wanted it to. However, I uploaded the site the the server this evening and when I view it in firefox or IE9 it does all sorts of wierd things. Firstly, clicking on things can cause them to jump and move. An example of this would be on the index or online shop pages where you click the rollover image of a cd and it moves, or you click the add to cart buttons and they get bigger or shift position.
Also, there are issues such as the social media buttons on the top nav bar and the bottom nav panel not displaying at all in IE9 or Firefox.
I've never had issues like this before, and I'm at my wits end. I just don't know what is causing this to happen. I tried posting this on the site review thread, but it would not let me, I assume because I've just registered.
Is anyone out there able to help me or shed some light on this? I need the site to work properly and look professional, and at the moment its doing neither!

many thanks,
Charlie Mathews