I wonder how exactly do I turn regular broad match keywords into modified broad match ones? I mean, I know the general guidelines like so:

+red +shoes

BUT...I've also noticed inside of Adwords interface this:
In "Campaigns"-"Keywords" I can put a checkmark to the left of a certain existing keyword, then I click on that keyword and a small rectangle pop-up window appears in which there's a box where I can edit my keyword AND A DROP-DOWN menu where I can choose a match type. BUT I can only choose those types:

Broad match
Exact match
Phrase match

There's no Modified broad match option there!
And if I MANUALLY just add a + in front of a broad match keyword, it remains the same "Broad match" type (when I go to "Keyword details" and choose "Auction insights - single keyword only), then I get a new page and there I see just "Match type" Broad. Is there a place in Adwords interface where it clearly STATES that that particular keyword is a MODIFIED Broad match? Or it's just silently implied without being mentioned?
And the last thing...what would be the best practice to check which search queries trigger my MBM keywords?
Just give it some time and check the results. The thing is...I do know how to check what was the search query that made my clicked ad show in a first place, but...what I don't know is how to find out which exact keyword that same search query triggered.