Exact or As Entered

What are the differences here.

In the traffic estimator these are the options I get amongst others.

I enter the keywords exact e.g in the Word or Phrase box, but the selection is on As Entered. The results shown are huge but these drop by say 70% when I select the exact option.

Surely these should be the same…

I didn’t get your question exactly, what I understood after reading your question is, when you use Google adwords keyword tool to find the monthly search volume(traffic) on keywords and when you go with broad match at that time it shows high traffic and when you choose exact match option… at that time you see 70% decrement in traffic.

See, broad match and exact match both are different. broad match includes phrases, combination and exact keywords all while exact match option shows the number of searches people does using the same keyword only.


i understand those differences but the options i get are

as entered

as entered must mean broad which is silly becaue i enter the kewyord exactly.

the as entered option wasn’t always there it just seem like a recent thing.