Hello everyone,

I am currently in school for an associates in IT with a programming emphasis and I need some advice. I will be graduating in a year and what I would truly love to do is get into web development. My issue though is how to go about it. I have been looking at job listings however many of them require experience and an extensive skills list that can be quite intimidating at times.

My formal education as far as web development goes is somewhat limited, since it is not a discipline that is explicitly offered at my school. For the most part I am self taught and enjoy working on frontend/backend development more than design work. Currently I am teaching myself symfony2 which I am really enjoying. I would love to find a place that would allow me to apprentice so that I could gain more practical experience in an actual work environment, however, where in live South Carolina is primarily a tourist destination and somewhat of a tech industry dead zone. Can you offer an advice on how to get into the field?

These are a couple of my projects. First is a modx project that I started over the summer here http://elemental-shift.koding.com. I am currently in the process of porting it to symfony2. Another website that is a temporary placeholder for a larger school project that I am working on for a local elementary school, http://www.wes4weather.org. It's currently being written with Symfony2 and will allow students to view and manipulate weather data that they gather using their own weather station at the school.