I am currently working to finish a website for a non profit mens ministry. I would like to make a couple sections simple to update by the director of the ministry (maybe I can create a simple control panel that he can log in to with a couple links, each link leading to a simple form that he can fill out, which will in turn update these sections by updating or adding to the content) for instance, I would like to make the news section in the right bar of my dreamweaver template editable by this method. The website is http://www.ohdministries.com. I also would like to create a photo gallery that he can edit by the same method under the photos section, then just a simple blog. I've been doing a lot of research but haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. I did find a link that sort of covered it months ago when i made the initial web page, but have since lost the article. I am an IT professional and am familiar with scripting, enough so that I can manipulate it. I have also been designing website for about 14 years (since the beginning days of HTML), I am out of practice these days, but I know enough to be able to do what I have to with some time. I normally use Dreamweaver to make navigating the code easier then edit the code itself. If someone could help me help out this non-profit, I and they would be extremely appreciative.